Our summer break is coming to an end

I know, I know, I should put up more videos of Ava singing. I’m just not sure I’m ready for her to be famous yet, and you know how young stars are discovered on the Internet all the time.

As I tend to do toward the end if my summer break, I have scheduled so many fun things for Ava and I to do. I know once I go back to work, we can still see friends and family, but we are limited to evenings and weekends. I rather enjoy this stay at home mom thing where I can do things during the day any day I’d like.

In a few days, Nate’s dad, step-mom, brother, newest niece, and his brother’s girlfriend are coming to visit. Ava loves her Papa Gordon, Grandma Esther and baby cousin Mikayla. She’s pretty delighted with her silly Uncle Noah, too.

Lisa and Clara are also coming to visit for two days. We can’t believe how much we’ve missed them since we just saw them in Cape Cod, and we can’t wait to run them ragged along with us.

After that fun-filled week we are off to Las Vegas to visit my sister, her three girls, and her husband. I see lots of coffee and good conversation in my future. . .not sure what Ava will be doing, probably entertaining her cousins and teaching the two little ones how to say, “Why?”

Then I go back to work and we say good-bye to our friends and family until next summer. Just kidding. What I’m really trying to say is we’ve had a blast and I wish we could carry on this way forever. Of course, we’d be broke and completely exhausted. We plan to continue having fun and wearing ourselves out until the very last day of summer vacation. August 11th we’ll worry about sleep schedules, cleaning the house, packing lunches, and making sure the laundry gets done. Oh, did I mention Nathan’s 20th high school reunion family picnic the day we return from Vegas? Fun times ahead!


One Response to Our summer break is coming to an end

  1. Andrea says:

    Sounds like busy, fun times ahead. I only wish I had as long as you have! I start training August 4th! That means I have only one week left, and I still have one more paper to write. I can’t wait until next summer when I’ll actually have a truly free summer.

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