12 month report

At 6 months and 12 months we are required to send an update to Taiwan. October 4 will mark 12 months that Evan has been with our family and this is the report we are sending:

Evan is truly an amazing child. He is healthy and already very athletic. He can throw and kick balls, balance on a skateboard, run, and jump. Evan is a very happy boy and a joy to be around. He likes to make people laugh, give hugs, and play with toys. There have not been any attachment issues. He is exceptionally smart and aware of what’s going on around him. He is already speaking in English sentences, but we are trying to preserve some of the Mandarin words he knew previously. At age 3 he can go to Chinese school with his older sister. Evan has come far socially. He is learning how to take turns and use words to express himself with others. We have absolutely no concerns about our delightful little boy. He’s healthy; he eats and sleeps well; he is advanced physically and intellectually; and he is receiving lots of love from his many family members and friends.


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