Back to Work

In one week I return to work as a teacher. I like my job, I love teenagers, I feel good about what I do, and yet, I’m sad to lose so much time with Ava and Evan. They will both be in great places- we love Ava’s elementary school and so does she, Evan will be at the same wholesome, nurturing preschool Ava attended for three years- so we know they will be happy and well-cared for while away from us.

My biggest concern is time. How will we have time to have fun, to get things done, to relax? I’m sure we’ll make it work. Plenty of families have two working parents and they are fine.

I’ve always thought of this blog as a place to first) write about events that we will want to share with our children in detail when they are older, and second) update family and friends on the more interesting parts of our lives. So many people have loved us and supported us through the adoption process and naturally they continued to care about how our children and our family were adjusting. I’m sure I will occasionally write about our interesting thoughts and endeavors, but I’m not seeing a lot of time in my future to write regular posts.

I still want to complete a life book for Ava and eventually one for Evan, and I keep a journal for each of them so they will know my thoughts and feelings as they were growing up. If we have any regular readers out there (hello, grandmas and aunts) I wanted to let you know that I’ll be writing less here, but this is still the best place for me to post pictures (via the Flickr link at the lower right corner).  I also post some pictures on Facebook if that’s a convenient place for you to visit.

Check back every couple of months if you want to read about major events in our lives and see pictures of the kids and the things they are doing.


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