Life with two kids

Twice the fun, quadruple the work.

I’m a chauffeur, a pack mule, a play toy, a comforter
A maid, a waitress, a hair-dresser, a launderer
I’m a cook, a baker, a rescuer, an art teacher
I am a mom to two very different kids and I’m loving (almost) every minute of it

As we approach 4 weeks with Evan, we continue to breathe a sigh of relief that everyone seems to be adjusting very well. He’s finally sleeping through the night (he had a stomach virus that caused him to sleep a lot- let’s hope he sticks with this sleep schedule now that he’s feeling better). Evan loves things that move especially if he is riding in them and they have a steering wheel. I know his dream day would be riding in the grocery store car cart for several hours and then being allowed to play in the car for the rest of the day. Every time we’re in the car or he wants to leave he says, “Mama? Vroom!” Tractors, cars, trucks, and buses excite him more than anything else. We rarely have communication issues with Evan. He seems to understand everything we ask him and he nods yes or no. He’s still saying many words in Mandarin, but when he wants to know an English word, he’ll point to the object and grunt. I’ll tell him the word and he’ll repeat it. Evan loves his jie jie (older sister) but he still gets a little aggressive if I’m holding Ava or giving her more attention. He’s learning how to be gentle and is very proud of himself when he remembers to touch her softly.

Ava is growing up faster than I can type this post. She even asked me if her voice sounds different, more grown up. Since February of this year, she has had some sleep issues of her own. Every night she woke us up at least once, usually two or three times telling us she was scared or she had a bad dream. After trying everything we could think of-“good dream medicine”, a bed on our floor, a unicorn pillow pet for comfort, a gnome to protect her, lavender oil to relax her, music, lots of positive encouragement, bribes, etc- she has slept in her own bed without waking us up for 8 nights now. I hope it’s not premature to celebrate the end of that phase. We had her kindergarten parent teacher conference last night, and other than trying to be the classroom cop occasionally, she is doing quite well. While it’s not part of the kindergarten curriculum, we are all amazed at what Ava can do on the playground bars. She can go all the way across the monkey bars and flip herself over the parallel bars. Considering she was physically delayed at 2 years old, she has made incredible progress.

Nathan and I are plugging away trying to keep up with laundry and dishes, play with the kids as much as we can, and even do a couple of things for ourselves. Life is a little louder, a little more chaotic, and a lot more lively these days.


One Response to Life with two kids

  1. Lis says:

    still laughing at the previous crisco comment …

    and i am relieved i can now show rick the lunches you make nathan (um, you set the standard a little high … thank you for returning to reality.)

    the more i read, the more i am convinced evan and clara are meant for each other. or else they will end up in tumble of wheels and skinned shins.

    so proud of ava … here’s hoping the sleep-filled nights continue!

    xo lisa

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