I guess we prepare in different ways

Nathan buys electronic devices and I do laundry. People have given us bags of clothes here and there and somehow washing these itty bitty blue and brown outfits makes everything more real. The boy clothes are not as colorful or varied as the girl clothes, but they are fun nonetheless. I’m loving everything with animals, especially monkeys. There are some adorable monster prints, and the pale blue with brown melts my heart. I only have 10 more days to wait, but I’m not sure I can make it. Each day is slower than the last as I wait to cuddle and snuggle with our new child.

Like all other parents, I am worried about how Ava will feel sharing our attention with another person, but I have a feeling it will bring out the best in her. She is already a compassionate and nurturing person and I’m hoping she will love her role as the older sister. We talk a lot about how Mommy and Daddy are the oldest in our families and what an important job it is to be the oldest.

I am finding comfort in the fact that Evan is a Pisces and an Ox, just like me. Both of those astrological signs are calm and cautious. I’ll do what it takes to be a good parent to a boy, but so many people have warned/prepared me for boy energy that I’ve become a little nervous about keeping up with him. I’m sure a few months from now it will be hard to imagine life without him.

Until then I will keep doing the laundry. It’s about the only thing that makes this all seem real.


2 Responses to I guess we prepare in different ways

  1. Paulette says:

    If your hearts are ready and the laundry is done, what else do you need?

  2. Anne says:

    I keep thinking of you all so I finally made time to look at your blog and catch up a little. We are so excited for you and can’t wait to see you as a family of four! I know Ava is going to be an amazing big sister, and you and Nathan are already amazing parents.

    I also found comfort in organizing clothes before our little guy came home. And it’s funny you should mention pale blue and brown, because they are one of my favorite combos as well. My favorite socks of Joeys are the baby blue and brown ones that Ava picked out for him 🙂

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