Travel Update

We don’t have a date yet, but for one day we did. Last week our agency called and said we needed to be in Tainan, Taiwan on September 13 to meet our son. We talked about our travel arrangements and decided to call the next day to book our flights and hotels. Then there were complications.

Apparently our fingerprints/background check is expired with the immigration service, so we have to go to Aurora to do them again and we are supposed to wait until our appointed day which is September 8th. Then, the people from Taiwan who are handling our adoption called to say that they made a mistake and they won’t have Evan’s paperwork ready by the 13th.

So, we’re back to not having a date for travel and we need to try to get into the immigration service before the 8th to get our fingerprints taken so they can run our background check sooner.

We’re still hoping we’ll travel by the end of September, but as anyone knows who’s been on this journey, anything can happen. All of this did prompt me to get Evan’s room ready, though. So far, his closet is cleaned out and ready to be packed full of clothes and toys. He has a crib, a rocker, blue curtains, and a pink dresser. Ava and I can’t decide if we should repaint the dresser or wait and see of he likes pink.

We are so excited for him to come home, we can barely stand it. Everyday we talk about him and how he is going to fit into and change our lives. Hopefully we’ll get travel dates in the very near future.


One Response to Travel Update

  1. Lis says:

    Hopefully he will like pink elephants!

    ah … memories of the preparation … and wonderful last minute surprises like “you now must stay 3 weeks!” Will you be taking Ava out of school or will she stay home given the short trip?

    And in all your tidying up, you didn’t by chance find a second small bear from Heritage camp? When we got home, Clara’s was gone šŸ˜¦

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