Ava’s thoughts on kindergarten (after day one)

I felt excited and I learned “head on red*.” We also did “sun rest*.” The boy on the swing was not very nice and he said that I couldn’t climb on the playground toys. He wasn’t very nice because he was in the K-care, but when he wanted a turn he pushed me off the swing. Maybe when he’s 6 or 7 he’ll learn how to take turns.

My teacher was very nice. Her voice is soft and sweet. My other teacher has the sweet voice, too.

Crackers and cheese was delicious and next week we get rice and soy sauce.

My classroom is beautiful and it was fun in kindergarten. I made one new friend and I like that she is kind and sweet. The boys were nice, but they didn’t really play with me. Not even one of the kids cried, but one boy fell asleep while we were doing head on red.

I’m a little worried about the boys not being nice, but they were nice to other kids, so they’ll be nice to me. Maybe I will have homework and I will like that because I already have homework from Chinese school.

*Head on Red is a resting position on the red rug. Ava said it’s a meditation time.
*Sun rest is like the beginning pose of the Sun Salutation


One Response to Ava’s thoughts on kindergarten (after day one)

  1. Lis says:

    Wow! I’m impressed you got this much out of Ava! When I pick Clara up, she consistently says school was “good but it is a very long day mommy!” I do know they read the Kissing Hand and then the next day went looking for Chester in the school (and visited the library among other places); she had gym but all they did was talk and that was “boring” and she got a prize today for being a “Star Rester” which I thought meant she was quiet, but I was told no, she got the prize for saying “thank you.” Hmmm …

    She did say tonight she likes the work in her new school better than her old school which may not be so good; she said she did dinosaur work today and when we asked if it was learning work or play work,she said play. So new school is more play and she is okay with that! Oh, and lots more charts for just about everything that goes on!

    Freezing them at this age would be pretty wonderful, wouldn’t it?

    Tell Ava if those boys don’t get nicer, Hulk Lisa will come and straighten them out!

    Oh, right … they probably don’t know about the Hulk, do they?

    xo Lisa

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