Signs my baby is growing up

“Mom, all of my books are little kids books. Can I get some big kid books that are interesting.”

“Mom, count how many seconds I can keep my head under water.”

“Vacation in two days? That is sad. There won’t be any friends.”

“Mom, I will teach you and Daddy Chinese.”

“I can do it myself.” (brushing teeth, making a sandwich, pouring her own drink, tying a bow, making a ponytail, buckling her seatbelt)

“That wasn’t scary, Mom.”

“When my brother comes, I’ll just help you take care of him, Mom.”


One Response to Signs my baby is growing up

  1. Courtney says:

    OK — so this post made me look back at the photos of you guys in China —- now that I know Ava, I was sort of surprised to see how her expressions were the same then as they are now. Not sure why I was surprised I suppose you see a baby and think — they grow up, but they are still the same kiddo no matter the age. She is a real joy to know, I am so glad she is here in Colorado! Looking forward to seeing you guys soon.

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