Summer Begins

And what a fantastic summer it’s been so far! It is with gratitude and excitement that I look forward to the next 15 months off work. We’ll start this time by catching up and staying in touch with friends. I finally feel like I have enough time to train for a half marathon, so my sister and I (maybe Nathan, too) will begin our training and find a race to run in late summer or early fall. Last summer I bought a sewing machine and I’m hoping to finally learn how to sew. I have lots of other crafty ideas I want to try as well. I envision myself indulging in these hobbies on our back porch while Ava plays in the yard. The YMCA near our house just added a new outdoor pool, so I think it’s time to join.

I took this year off work when we thought our second child would be about 4 when he came home. For whatever reason, we were matched with a younger child, and he might not be home until late fall or early winter, but I still want to be at home for Ava as she transitions into kindergarten. And, actually, I want to be home for me as all of these changes occur. I love teaching, but I put a lot into it emotionally and I don’t always feel like I am being the best mom I can be when I’m stressed or worried about things at work. I want to be completely relaxed and present for my family this year.

It’s an incredible feeling to know I have some time to relax, to finally unpack after moving last October, to do lots of things we enjoy, to spend whole days without having a plan, and to get ready for our lives to change yet again when Evan comes home.


One Response to Summer Begins

  1. Courtney says:

    Sounds wonderful!

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