Celebrations and updates

After a weekend of birthdays, Valentine’s Day, and Chinese New Year, we find ourselves relaxing at home with enough time to download pictures and write a blog post with a few updates.

Most people who live close by know that we are still waiting for our second child from Taiwan. We’ve been waiting about 16 months now and there is only one family ahead of us. That sounds like we’re close, but they only get 1 referral every 2-3 months in our program. If the next child is 3 years old or older, they will call us since the family ahead of us has requested a child under 3. So, we might be close and we might not be.

I’m still planning to take a year leave of absence from work (so lucky I can do that and still go back to my job), in hopes that our son will come home and I can be here for Ava who will be going to half-day kindergarten.

Speaking of kindergarten, we had a hard decision to make. We applied to one of the charter schools in our district that is Waldorf influenced and art integrated. We love the feel of the school and the gentle approach to teaching and learning. We also really like our neighborhood school and the way it is a center of the community here in Lafayette. We just received the letter last week saying Ava was accepted through a lottery system into the charter school. We couldn’t turn it down. Ava already knows some kids there from preschool, so she is very excited.

In other news, Ava has changed her mind about what she wants to be when she grows up. Instead of a gardener, mom, and teacher, she now wants to be a ballerina actress. She’s still loving ballet class and I have to admit, she looks like a natural with her pointed toes and very straight posture. Ava is also in a different Chinese class on Sundays. She’s in the one for 6-8 year olds that meets for two hours. She’s blossoming in this class and can sing a couple of songs and say a few sentences. She is much better at Chinese than mom and dad. We have to ask her for correct pronunciations. Somehow she can pick up the tones and we can’t.

Overall, we’re doing well. Still settling into our house in Lafayette and trying to manage work and play. Ava and I will be doing an online art class soon and I can’t wait to post some pictures of our creations.


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