Kindergarten Orientation

Our big girl is much more ready for kindergarten than we are. We have been trying to decide between a charter school that is Waldorf based and our neighborhood school. Ava’s gone back and forth with which one she would prefer. At first she wanted to go tot the neighborhood school because it’s closer and she could ride the bus. Lately she’s been wanting to go to the charter school because some of her friends from preschool go there.

Last night we were on our way to kindergarten orientation for the neighborhood school. She whined on the way there saying she didn’t want to go to that school and she was too tired to visit it. I explained that we were waiting for the people who work for the schools to tell us if there is room at the charter school or not (it’s a lottery system and then a wait list). We talked about things we can choose, like our clothes, and things we cannot, like the weather. I started whining for the sun to come out to prove that whining could not change something that I could not choose. I’m pretty sure that conversation had a profound effect on Ava 😉

Once we got to the neighborhood school, she asked me if I could walk a little ways with her to the room where they were babysitting the kids while the parents listened to the principal. I said, “Of course,” and she tightly held my hand down the hall.

Once we got into the room, Ava let go of my hand and darted towards the learning toys. I had to pull her away to give her a hug and tell her I’d see her in awhile.

After the grown-up meeting, we all visited the three kindergarten rooms and the three kindergarten teachers. Ava was quite comfortable and mature in this setting and we couldn’t be more happy for her that she seems ready for kindergarten. I’m continually surprised and relieved to see what a confident, well-adjusted child she is.

Speaking of kindergarten readiness, here’s a list of things they told us to teach our kids:
-how to write their first name
-how to write most of the letters
-how to wipe, flush, and wash hands
-how to put on winter ware

I think we can handle all of that! They assured us that we do not need to teach our child to read before kindergarten like so many of the parents in this area tend to do. Nathan and I are anti-academic for kindergarten, so we were happy to hear that. We want her to continue to develop her imagination, and social and emotional skills before she tackles the academics.

One more relief came when the secretary said we don’t have to have an American birth certificate for her. Most people do an adoption validation when they come home, so they can get their child an American birth certificate. We are trying to do this, but our homestudy agency in Colorado has closed down and nobody can find any of their records (including our homestudy), which we need to get the birth certificate. I’m not sure what will happen with this, but our new homestudy agency is working on it.

We should be finding out in the next few weeks if we’re accepted at the Waldorf based school. Either way, we are very happy with the options for Ava’s school next year. (At this time I can’t even think about the sadness we will feel leaving Ava’s preschool where she’s been for the past three years. The thought brings me to tears.)


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