Cruise 2009

For Christmas, we went on a cruise with four other families who are good friends of ours. In fact, Nathan went to high school with the men, so I’ve known them ever since I’ve known Nathan, which has been about 16 years. All of the families have children ranging in age from 3 all the way to 17.

We never thought we’d be interested in a cruise, preferring a more cultural and adventurous experience when we travel, but we ended up having a blast with our friends. We were pampered for sure with food available every minute, breakfast delivered to our room each morning, three pools on the ship and beaches at each stop, and at least 5 bars on the ship with two happy hour times each day.

Ava and our friends’ daughter, Autumn, are only days apart, and they were inseparable. A couple of times we had the teenage girls watch the younger kids while the adults had some grown-up fun.

The cruise took us to Key West, Grand Caymen, Roatan, and Cozumel. Roatan was my favorite because it was the least touristy and it seemed like it would be the most relaxing. Unfortunately, by the time we finished our glass bottom boat tour and watched the native drumming and dancing performance, it was time to get back on the boat. We’ll definitely be headed back to that island sometime soon.

Our friend Kulin made all of the travel arrangements and got us upgraded to a cabin with a balcony. It was amazing to step out of our room and watch the vast ocean go by. I compare the experience to going to Vegas for the first time- I couldn’t have imagined it beforehand, it was quite impressive, and I’m not sure it we’ll do it again (only if we know another group of friends or family members who are interested).


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