The Nutcracker

I thought she was too young, but Nathan really wanted to try it this year. I’m glad we did. Here are a few things we heard from Ava today during the Nutcracker ballet. . .

“Here they come! Are they real?”

“Mom, they are wearing their holiday clothes and that is why we had to wear our holiday clothes, right?”

“Is it almost over?”

Ava’s ballet teacher was the Sugar Plum Fairy in this performance and she asked, “Mom, when will Miss Lilly, I mean my teacher come out again?” (Miss Lilly is the ballet teacher in the Angelina Ballerina books.)

“Is she real? Are they real? Was that real?”

“When will it be over?”

“When can I be in the Nutcracker?”

“They are very flexible, right?”

“Are they wearing toe shoes?”

“Mom, that was an arabesque.”

“Did that little girl grow up? Was that real?”

“Are those girls in my ballet class?”

The ballet was done by the Boulder Ballet school which is the one Ava attends. It was a surprise to see her teacher in the Nutcracker. Ava was waving to her from the balcony and said, “I think she saw me!”

We’ll let everyone know when it’s Ava’s turn to star in the Nutcracker 🙂


One Response to The Nutcracker

  1. Lis says:

    Meanwhile, Clara is telling everyone that when she is older, like 10, she will be going to China to become a Shaolin warrior and do the flips without using her hands and oh, but she’ll be back home by Tuesday for dinner.

    Miss you guys – would have loved to have seen Ava soaking in the Nutcracker. Cannot wait to see her in the staring role of Clara 🙂

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