Ava’s Wishes

In our new house, we can look up at the stars as we lay in Ava’s bed. Each night we make a wish (and say something we’re thankful for).

Last night’s wish from Ava:

I wish that I could have a baby in my tummy.

Ava’s wish tonight:

I just wish the same thing as I always do- that I can be a fairy.

So far, she’s been thankful for her teacher Ann, our new house, and that I am her mom. We just added this part and I like it a lot. I read in my parenting magazine that families who regularly give thanks are happier. I also read that families that are able to be satisfied with what they have are happier, too. We’re pretty happy over here right now šŸ™‚


One Response to Ava’s Wishes

  1. Lis says:

    Oh, I like this tradition! Will have to add it to our nightly routine which includes pulling a dream card. This morning the fairies reminded Clara to bring her book for show and tell and then I pointed out the book was on the counter. Clara surmised the nice house gnome must have helped out since the book is too heavy for the fairies šŸ™‚

    Lately, Clara has talked a lot about how I needed a daughter and she needed a mommy and now that we are together, no one can ever take us apart. So sweet, although it makes me sad she first worried I might be taken from her.

    Oh, and Ava already has a seat on Clara’s rocket to Mars … Clara would inform you that Jupiter is a gassy planet, but Mars isn’t so we can fly there in the rocket that we will store in our garage.

    Miss you guys.

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