“Are you adopted, Mom?”

Tonight in the grocery store, Ava had put some balled up ribbon in her shirt and said it was her baby. All of a sudden, she exclaimed, “The doctor’s taking my baby out!”

“Oh my goodness, a baby is being born,” I went along with the story.

Then Ava asked me, “Mom, are you adopted?”

“No, honey, I’m not.”

“Oh,” she said, “so you staid with your birth mom?”

“Yes, Grandma Sandi is my birth mom. Do we know your birth mom, Ava?”

“No, we will never know her,” she said sounding a little sad.

“Who is your forever mom, Ava?”

“You,” she laughed as if it were a very silly question.

Soon she’ll start wanting to know more about why she didn’t stay with her birth parents. We’ve told her a very simplified version, but it never seemed to sink in.

(Some Halloween pictures on Flickr)


One Response to “Are you adopted, Mom?”

  1. Lis says:

    wow … i am so glad i have you guys to lead the way in this area. the sadness hasn’t sunk in for clara yet and i know it will be heartbreaking when it does. you are doing a beautiful job at teaching ava it is okay to be sad, but then to look at the gifts she does have: her forever family.

    wish we were there to play in your snow!

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