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We’re settling into our new house, getting ready for Halloween, and having fun in the snow.

About a month ago we were told that there were only two families ahead of us in the adoption program we’re in, but we haven’t heard anything since then- except that all of our paperwork has expired and we need to redo it. BUMMER 😦

Ava’s changing and growing so quickly. She wants to earn how to read now, she’s excited to go to kindergarten next year, and her imaginative stories are becoming more and more sophisticated.

She recently learned an important lesson (actually a few lessons) when she and another boy at school took the teacher’s keys out of her purse and hid them. The kids went home without telling the teacher and the teacher had to call a cab to go get her daughter and go home. The next day, she found the keys at the school and Ava and the boy admitted to what they did. I love how the teachers handled it and I’m so proud of Ava for admitting it and discussing what she’s learned from it. I told her this time it was a mistake and she learned some important lessons, but next time there will be a serious consequence. She is doing some extra chores around the house to earn some money to give the teacher for her cab expenses. We’ve had some good conversations about saying no to friends when they tell us to do something we know is wrong. I feel really bad for the teacher’s inconvenience, but the lessons learned are important ones and I know Ava will take them seriously.

Today happens to be a second snow day in a row, so Ava and I are going to bundle up and go play!


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