Life’s about to be a little more relaxing

In just one week, we will move into our new house in Lafayette, CO. It’s only 10 miles from Boulder and it’s still in Boulder County, but we’re pretty sad to leave this beautiful city after living here for 12 years.

The new house is actually half of a duplex, but it’s nicer than anything we’ve ever lived in. It’s brand new and after we finish the basement it will be about 2500 square feet. A couple of years ago Nathan and I decided we wanted to do more with our money than live in Boulder, so we looked into areas with cheaper houses.

Our future plans include more travel, time off work for me when the new child comes home, some furniture, and probably a new car since ours are both over 10 years old. I know we’ll be happy in the new home for a long time. Lafayette is a cute little town where we can walk and ride our bikes almost everywhere. We also have some very good friends and family who live there.

One more update- we heard from our adoption agency the other day and there are only two families ahead of us waiting for referrals. Once we get our referral, we still have to wait 6 months to travel, but at least we know things are moving.

The other day I was telling Ava how we were going to pack up our things and move into our new house where we’ll live for a long time. She said, “Well, until you’re a grandma. Then you will move out.” Great, sounds like my daughter will be kicking me out of the house 😉


One Response to Life’s about to be a little more relaxing

  1. Joyce Mina says:

    Christian just asked me the other day how old Ava will be and we both commented about how impossible it seems that she’ll be 5 years old on Friday! Congratulations on finding that the list of families waiting is getting shorter. Always remember to keep your eyes on the goal and before long, you’ll be receiving news of your new child! Miss seeing you at school but glad to see photos of Ava’s smile!

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