Camping with the family

Playing in Lake Granby

Each year we manage to go camping at least once. This year it was a family camping trip with Nathan’s family- Grandma Kathy, Uncle Derek, our cousins Jeanette and Sasha, our nieces Kendalle and Emma, and our family.

It was a typical camping trip with lots of roasted marshmallows, a little hike, some craft projects, and more food than we could possibly eat. We played in the lake and sat around the fire and talked.

It was fun to have two pre-teens along and two younger kids (Ava and Sasha). The older girls liked playing in the lake and eating junk food, but they balked at the hiking and crafts. The smaller girls made up their own games and rarely had a complaint.

We all came home much dirtier than before and happy to sleep in a soft bed. On the first night there, I pointed out the stars to Ava and she said, “It’s my lucky night. I see all the stars and I get to sleep in the tent with you and Daddy.”
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(Lots of pictures from the camping trip on Flickr)


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