More of the same. . .

Ava’s bike sans pedals

Which makes us very happy. Playing with friends, happy hour, going to the farmers’ market, strolling along the Pearl Street mall, playing in the fountains, hiking, and now. . . learning how to balance on Ava’s bike without pedals.

After seeing many small children who were able to ride a bike, we asked about the secret- take off the pedals and don’t bother with training wheels. They just push themselves along and eventually they start to balance without even realizing it. It’s so fun to go on walks with Ava now rolling along at my side.

This is exactly the summer I’ve always dreamed of- no yard work, no house projects, no school work, just taking life a little bit slower and enjoying each moment.


3 Responses to More of the same. . .

  1. Lisa says:

    Wow – no training wheels! I am seeing my life ahead of me and it involves many skinned knees! Wait until Clara gets wind of this …

    We cannot wait to jump into your magical summer life … did you mention happy hour? Is that when Nathan will watch the girls? Oh, lovely!

  2. Courtney says:

    bought Gavin a book for his 1st birthday and made sure to pick the one with real animal pictures NOT cartoon pictures — obviously inspired by your information. Thanks.

  3. Alyson says:

    I had heard about taking the pedals off a long time ago, but had forgotten. Thank you for the idea as our AA will soon have a 2-wheeler (well, maybe it is a ways off).
    Enjoyed reading your recent posts!

    Alyzabeth’s Mommy for Ten Months!

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