Summer Vacation- week two

Adoption group picnic

Well, week one of summer vacation was spent unpacking and getting settled into the condo that we’re renting until our house is finished. Week two has been much more fun already. We got together with the other 4 families we call our “adoption group” for a picnic on Saturday.

On Monday Ava and I went to Littleton to hang out with my mom and nieces, Lauren and Abigail. Tuesday and Wednesday we’ll meet friends here in Boulder to go to the park, get ice cream, and find a good happy hour deal. Thursday we’ll get the car fixed (it’s 11 years old and the rattling sound it makes is quite embarrassing), and Friday we’ll meet with another friend for Noon Tunes on the Pearl Street Mall.

Life is soooo good living in downtown Boulder. Nathan and I have considered buying the unit that’s for sale next to the one we’re renting. It’s a two bedroom condo with 1200 square feet (and they’re asking $364,000- guess Boulder real estate isn’t suffering too much these days). Then we imagine having two teenagers in that space and know we made the right choice buying something a little bigger in Lafayette (for a more affordable price). Plus, you always want your kids to dream of living somewhere cooler than where they grew up, right?


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