Summer fun

It’s officially summer break and Ava and I are ready. Poor Nathan still has to go to work each day.

We moved into the temporary rental condo on Monday and have spent a few days unpacking and organizing. The condo is about 2 blocks from the Pearl Street mall (a 10 minute walk with Ava because she likes to take her time). We can walk everywhere- to the grocery store, the farmer’s market, the park, the library, and lots and lots of restaurants and coffee shops. The patio of this condo is surrounded by green trees and plants and it overlooks the Boulder Creek. We feel like we’re on vacation in downtown Boulder.

The inside of the condo is a little outdated, has a funny smell, and is about half the size of our former house. We have a storage unit, but things still feel a little tight with our bikes, strollers, bike trailer, 2 cats, and various other essentials. The residents here are a mixture of college students and older professionals. I haven’t seen any other young children, but the people who live closest to us seem very friendly, especially to Ava. The neighbors have already given her a teddy bear. The people we are renting from plan to move into this condo as soon as their house sells. I feel bad hoping they don’t sell their house in the next 3-4 months because I really don’t want to move again until our house in Lafayette is done.

Ava has transitioned quite well and we are all relieved to be on the downhill slope of moving. We plan to relax and have as much fun as we can this summer. Lisa and Clara will visit in July and we’ll go to Omaha for some time. We hope to go camping a few times and enjoy everything Boulder has to offer. Nathan and I have lived here for 12 years and we’ll miss it when we’re gone. Good thing we’re only moving 10 miles away 🙂


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