Good-bye neighbors

If you’re on Facebook, you’ll notice some repeats here. I might decorate our new house with this series of Ava in the red dress from China.

But I’m not writing to tell about her beautiful smile this time. I’m actually trying to capture how special our neighbors have been to us and how sad I am to be moving away from them.

We knew them before we even moved in. They were friends of friends and we ran into them at parties occasionally. They have an adorable biological daughter and a sweet son that they adopted. Just like there is a special bond between women who have given birth, there is a strong connection between people who have adopted. I cherish these neighbor kids who are always eager to play with Ava and who often give her their toys that they’ve outgrown.

They are moving out of the neighborhood, too, and maybe they will end up being close to us in Lafayette. That would be perfect. They are the best neighbors I could ever hope for and I will miss them terribly. I dread the day in the next two weeks that we actually have to say good-bye.

Ava, I hope you remember how Joey and Sydney adored you and let you play with all of their big-kid toys. We will be very lucky if we ever find neighbors like them again.

Good-bye Paul, Beth, Sydney, and Joey. We’ll miss you 😦


2 Responses to Good-bye neighbors

  1. Myrna says:

    I love Ava in that Red Dress. She looks beautiful (which she is)!! I think you idea for the new house sounds great. Hope to come and see it bfore 2010!!

  2. Emma says:

    Wow I wish I had a red dress like that one! 😦

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