Kitty Beast

Ava’s constantly playing pretend games and needs anyone around to be a part of them. Yesterday she said, “Mom, I am a kitty beast and I am very scary. RRRAAAARRR!”

“Yikes,” I replied, “I’m so afraid of the kitty beast.”

“Well, just play your flute!”

“Huh? Like this: doo too doo too doo.”

“Meow. Now you have changed me back into a nice kitty.”

“Mom,now pretend I am Super Chicken, okay.”


2 Responses to Kitty Beast

  1. Johnny says:

    v.v. sweet

  2. Lisa & Clara says:

    Oh wow, I cannot wait to see Kitty Beast and Snarling Doggie together! I love it when Clara turns back to sweet doggy, giving me air slurps with her tongue, but so far no magic flute to aid in that transformation!

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