Ava Club

The first rule of Ava Club is you do not rush Ava.


An incredibly involved and lengthy make-believe sequence starring her silverware took up most of the morning. Hand-crafted omlette Daddy spent 15 minutes cooking was left uneaten.

The second rule of Ava Club is you DO NOT rush Ava.

Oh, you can try.  It just ends badly, with far more time invested than if you had just let her move at her own pace.  Hence, I cannot remember the last time I was on time to work.

One of Ava’s favorite sayings (number two, right behind “Let’s Pretend…”) is the grammatically challeneged, “What you said?”

What makes it interesting is that it can have quite different meanings, depending on the context:

1) “I could not hear what you just said.  Could you please repeat it?”


“I swear, Diana, if that cat tracks mud in the house one more time–“

“What you said, Dad?”

“Nothing, sweetie.”

2) “I don’t understand.”


“What you doing, Dad?”

“Putting more memory in my laptop, sweetie.”

“What you said?”

(slower) “I said I’m putting more memory in my laptop.”

“What you said?”

(note the preceeding two steps can be continued indefinitely)

“Daddy’s fixing his computer.”


3) “I do not care for the statement you just made.  Indeed, I shall continue as if you are speaking another language, one not known to me.”

“Ava, pick up the legos, please.”


“Ava, did you hear me?”

“What you said?”

“I said pick up the legos.”


“Ava, I’m not going to tell you again.”

“What you said?”

“Let me explain:  You either pick up the legos, now, or Daddy picks them up.  You know what happens when Daddy picks up your toys, right?”

“They go away.”


“Okay, I will pick them up.”


3 Responses to Ava Club

  1. Lisa & Clara says:

    Oh, please stop … my stomach is hurting … I cannot breathe!

    “What you said” is in the preschooler’s handbook under “ways to torment your parents.”

    I think there needs to be a daddy/daughter retreat and you dads and daughters can do some teamwork and communication building exercises … you know, fall backwards and trust Ava and Clara will catch you … (snicker snicker)

    Nathan, you need to post more (not to mean Diana should post any less!)

  2. Myrna says:

    Dear Diana, Nathan and Ava,

    How could I not comment on this. I love it. It brings to mind what my nephew, Nathan, would say/do when he was little. You may have heard this but it is well worth repeating. If Nathan was going somewhere and he hadn’t done chores, etc., his mother would call out the window to him. Nathan, not wanting to get in trouble would stop and say, “Did someone call me?” and continue on with a shrug and “Guess not.” Keep in mind he didn’t bother to look around to see if someone was calling him. Anyway the What you said just reminds me so much of that little scenerio, I could not resist. Ava is very clever, like her dad, she doesn’t want to get in trouble but geeze, it’s really hard to stop and do what you are supposed to. I love these blogs with Ava sayings, they really make me laugh and I can picture her saying/doing these things — very sweetly and innocently I might add. Keep up the great work on the blog, I just love it and if I can’t be there to see and hear these things myself, this is the next best thing.
    Love you,
    P.S. Nathan, hope you don’t mind my telling that little story — it is priceless.

  3. Sabrina & Karen says:

    Karen TOTALLY says “what you said?” with LOTS of attitude to go with it…….however, she only uses it for contexts 1 and 2…she’s not progressed to the 3rd. Hope you guys are having a fun spring break!!!

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