Spring Break painting projects

It’s a little hard to tell because I couldn’t rotate the pictures, but I removed the floral wallpaper in two separate bathrooms of the house and painted them tan. Ava painted a new birdhouse because her old one blew away.


One Response to Spring Break painting projects

  1. Lisa & Clara says:

    Very impressive work, Diana. I’ll have to remember next time Rick needs an assistant (a sous handiperson?) he can call on you! Love all the pix from the recital – Ava is a human Angelina (the mouse, not the tattooed one). The bird house is great – love the art apron. Clara was modge podging her collage onto the cover of her art journal and was fussing about her fingers getting messy. I’ll admit, I jumped in and showed her how to be more forceful in her art making: bold, firm, strong strokes and the more mess, the better! Couldn’t believe I said that to her đŸ™‚ She’ll be a mermaid warrior by the end of this project, for sure!

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