Hurry up spring break

Ava and Daddy wearing their Ween shirts

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Ava and I are ready for some time off. Not that we let school stop us from having fun. Grandma Sandi treated us to Disney Adventure on Ice last weekend. We’ve been playing outside a lot now that spring weather has come. The birthday parties never end and we love having my sister and her family close to us again.

Ava’s been a joy at home- singing songs, playing pretend games, and cracking us up with her humor. At school, on the other hand, she’s testing the boundaries with one of her teachers. I’ve been getting reports at the end of each day so we can talk about appropriate behavior and listening. She’s never malicious, but she can be ornery. Sometimes she dips her napkin in her water at snacktime and splashes the other kids; sometimes she hides from the teacher when it’s time to go outside; and other times she won’t come inside when the teacher calls them in.

I know it’s not a serious problem and is probably pretty normal, but like every other time Ava’s shown signs of misbehavior, I am shocked. I think she is the most adorable being in this world and when a teacher shows impatience and frustration at her behavior, it’s kind of upsetting. Through our talks and role plays at home (where Ava is the teacher and I’m the student who misbehaves) I know she understands what is expected, and I’m trying not to worry that she will be the trouble maker of the class when she is older.

We don’t have big plans for spring break- just hoping to do some swimming to get used to the water again for summer and hang out with friends and family. I’ve been taking a lot of videos lately and will try to get them online during spring break, too.


2 Responses to Hurry up spring break

  1. Lisa & Clara says:

    Yippee! Good to hear from you guys. I think Spring Fever for 4 year olds translates into “naughty” behavior. Apparently Clara has been “testing” her music teacher (the one class she was asked to leave because she wasn’t listening) and like you, I am shocked when I hear such news. I cannot help but grin with the thought of Ava “acting out” and exploring her inner imp.

    Yes, Spring fever is running ramped here … feeling so antsy, I may just end up driving oh, 570 some odd miles west to hang with friends. Hmmm. Wouldn’t it be sweet?

  2. Lisa & Clara says:

    Okay wiring from brain to fingers is fired … what is “ramped?” Should read rampant. Where is the blasted edit button?!!

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