A quick visit to Grandma Sandi’s

Ava’s baby in her pouch

My mom recently had knee replacement surgery, so we made a quick visit to Pueblo to see if there was anything we could do to help. Judging from this picture, Ava made her laugh a few times! In this picture, Ava has stuffed her cow blankie in her pants and declared she had a baby in her pouch like a kangaroo.

My mom is doing fairly well, but is frustrated that she can’t get around quicker without so much pain.

Ava is in heaven when we go to Pueblo because she gets so much sugar- my dad gives her treats and my grandparents always have candy waiting for the grandkids and great-grandkids. A few weeks ago Ava was playing with play dough and she made a dough-nut. I asked her how she knew what a dough-nut was since we have never bought one for her and she said, “Papa Guinn give me a dough-nut. It had chocolate on it.” My dad really does know the way to a child’s heart.

(I don’t have a new camera yet, but I’m trying to take a few pictures with the old one. The pictures don’t come out as bright and it’s kind of big. I am grateful that we have a back-up, though.)


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