Ava’s Dream

We haven’t talked much about dreams for awhile. I used to ask Ava what she dreamed each night and the answer was the same every morning: I dreamed about rainbows, and fairies, and you and daddy.

This morning Ava woke up whimpering and told me she had a bad dream last night. The timing couldn’t be more perfect as I JUST read an article in one of my mommy magazines last night about children’s dreams and how to talk to children about them.

So I sat in her bed and asked if she wanted to talk about her dream. She told me that it was about monsters and fairies and the monsters were ‘tacking (attacking) the fairies. “Oh dear,” I exclaimed, “the fairies that protect our house each night from the monsters?”

It’s true, there are fairies that protect our house from monsters. They fly around outside at night and tell the monsters to keep on moving to their own house. Apparently, the monsters didn’t like this last night and they decided to attack.

I asked Ava if there was anything I could do to make her feel better and she said I could tell her a story about the snow fairies, but she did not want monsters in the story.

Tonight I asked Ava if she could think of some helpers for the fairies in case she had the same dream. I suggested that the helpers could become part of the dream. “Yes, their parents will be in the dream and they will help the fairies get away from the monsters.”

Yay, parents save the day!


3 Responses to Ava’s Dream

  1. Myrna says:

    OMG, how cute is that? Kids are such a trip, they never cease to amaze you, they come up with things that you have no idea where it came from and that can rationalize things to their satisfaction easily. I wish I could come to Denver more often because I so enjoy seeing everyone and seeing my little great nieces growing up so very quickly. I’m wondering if Ava still remembers I’m the youngest of the three sisters. She was so impressed with that and really I was just talking making conversation and I did not drill it into her head about me being the youngest even though my older sisters think I did. She just picked up on it and started asking questions. Got to love the questions they come up with too.

    Thank you for sharing these precious moments you have with Ava!! I so enjoy reading them and looking at the pictures. Great job.


  2. Myrna says:

    BTW, Ava looks adorable in her little outfit I sent for Christmas — but then again, she looks adorable in every little outfit. Must have a lot to do with her adorable little face and adorable personality.

  3. Lisa & Clara says:

    Welcome to my world … although the monsters and the ghosts often start out bad, but then turn nice as they are usually just lonely and want someone to play with them. At least in Clara’s stories, this is the case. Given all the wild stuff she enjoys watching in movies (Monsters Inc, Curse of the Wererabbit, Kung Fu Panda, Scooby Doo etc) I am surprised she hasn’t had any bad dreams. And go figure, in Clara’s stories, she is the one who “Saves the Day” (well, herself in the guise of SpiderGirl) and rescues mommy and daddy from the bad guys. Hmmm … what does that say about her confidence in us?

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