Ready for the Holidays

This has been such an exciting holiday season so far. Ava loves all of the family activities like setting up the Christmas tree,making holiday crafts, and watching Christmas specials.

For Thanksgiving we went to Pueblo to have dinner with my parents and brother. I ordered the entire meal from Whole Foods (+ some green chili from Efrain’s), and it was a wonderfully mellow event.

Today we went to the Winter Fair at the Waldorf school in town and experienced even more winter magic. There were elves, gnomes, snow fairies, and even King Winter himself. Ava made some scented bath salts and a fairy/bird house. We really wanted to go sledding, but the snow had melted on the sledding hill already.

Last weekend I rented Frosty the Snowman and we watched it at least 7 times before I had to return it. Ava’s dying to get out there and make a snowman. I hope she’s not too disappointed when it doesn’t come to life.

I hope to bake some cookies this weekend with Ava and my nieces who will be in town. My sister, her husband, and their three girls are moving to Colorado. I’m so excited to be close to them again. They’re coming this weekend to look at houses and I get to spend time with Kendalle (11), Lauren (2), and Abigail (1). Paulette, Dave, and Kendalle moved out of state about 8 years ago and now we get to welcome them back!!

Adoption paperwork update: our agency in California reviewed our paperwork and has asked us to redo a few documents. I know they need everything to be perfect, but this is r.e.a.l.l.y. frustrating to me. Apparently a notary public’s seal is smeared on one, another looks like a photocopy (because it is- our doctors didn’t realize they couldn’t photocopy the medical form onto their letterhead), and another notary public used the wrong wording on her seal for my employment verification letter. Our son will truly know he’s loved once he finds out how difficult it was for us to get him home.


One Response to Ready for the Holidays

  1. Courtney says:

    Love the earings — love the Christmas tree — very jelous! Want one of my own. Love the pictures of the whole family. Love the knomes — wish I could go to such a fair. Love bread sticks in fact —– Really, as final time rolls around I love almost anything about other peoples lives:) Really though, I would love all those things even if it wasn’t finals! See you in January —

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