Good times in Omaha

About two weeks ago, Ava and I flew to Omaha (incredibly cheap to fly from Denver) to visit Lisa, Clara, and Rick. Ava and Clara were both recovering from colds and I was in the thick of mine. Lisa and Rick tried to fend the virus off, but it took Lisa down on our last day there (sorry about that, Lisa). In case you’re wondering about how the moms look in the photos- well, now you know- we were sick. Lisa took such great care of me. She cooked delicious hot meals and bought me cough syrup that practically knocked me out, but at least I was able to sleep (my face was actually numb for a couple of hours the next morning, but it was worth it).

A few days before we left for Omaha, I had to break the news to Ava that we wouldn’t be able to go to the Day of the Dead festival at her preschool. She was in tears, so I promised her a festival in Omaha with Clara. I called Lisa and asked if she would mind us playing a few games and putting up pictures of our deceased animals to celebrate the Day of the Dead. When we got there she had sculpted 4 skulls for us to paint and she had prepared some dress up clothes for the festival. We engaged the girls in a few contests- balancing books on their heads, building the highest tower, and tossing things into a circle- and gave them surprises after each game. We had hot chocolate while painting our skulls and remembering those we have lost- Schnapps (my dog), Frida (Lisa’s cat), and Bandit (Lisa’s dog). We must have done a great job because Ava didn’t cry again about missing out on the festival at Blossom.

I’m not too familiar with the city of Omaha, but when we did venture away from Rick and Lisa’s beautiful new home, I’m pretty sure we had the best Thai food in the entire state of Nebraska and we visited the zoo again, which has got to be the coolest thing there. Their zoo has a desert dome, an aquarium, a butterfly pavilion, a gorilla habitat, and even more that we didn’t have time to see. I love watching the penguins the most and Lisa and I cracked up when Ava and Clara were declaring which penguins were them. Clara picked one that kept jumping into the water on its side splashing all the other penguins and hitting them with its wings to be the one named Clara. Ava picked one up in a corner that was all by itself facing the wall doing nothing to be the one named Ava.

Ava and Clara are very different in personality. Ava prefers activities that are more girly and quiet while Clara prefers to be active and play with things that might be considered more boyish (Spiderman, cars, and trucks). Clara’s more direct and straightforward while Ava’s more dramatic and sometimes manipulative. Clara loves her karate class and Ava begs to take ballet. Clara’s favorite color is blue and has been ever since I remember her being able to talk; Ava’s favorite color has gone from pink to green to white to all the colors of the rainbow. Both girls are so sweet, smart and affectionate. I could sit and watch them forever 🙂

Rick, Lisa, and Clara have definitely become like family to us and I can’t wait to visit them again. Ava and Clara are a lot like sisters, giggling, dancing, and playing one minute, fighting over a toy the next. It’s amazing how different their personalities are, yet how well they can entertain each other for hours pretending to be doggies with bones (that was a favorite activity in Cape Cod, too). Thanks for the great food, the good laughs, and for taking care of me while I wasn’t feeling well. Look forward to seeing you guys soon!

(I posted many pictures today that are all out of chronological order)



One Response to Good times in Omaha

  1. Lisa & Clara says:

    Come back, come back! We miss you guys and bath time just isn’t the same with only one little monkey in the tub! Obviously I’ve become too familiar with all brands of cough syrups, but am glad I was able to find one to your liking. We definitely deserve the spa retreat treatment next trip. When are the boys taking their daddy/daughter trips? Hmmmm ….

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