Yea, I can pretty much hear the angels singing each night as I put Ava to bed. Why? Because I no longer have to stay upstairs until she falls asleep. I can come downstairs and check email or do laundry or read the many other blogs I’m addicted to. You see, getting Ava to sleep has not been the easiest part of this parenting job. I’ve written in great detail before about our struggles and long process to get Ava to a place where we didn’t have to be in her room while she fell asleep. But the only way we could leave her room is if she thought we were going to bed as well. So whoever was putting her to bed for the night would have to go lay down in our room and read until she was asleep. If we got up she cried and asked us to go back to bed. I think she was afraid to be upstairs alone.

Well, about a month ago, I started telling Ava that I was going to go downstairs to do the laundry or feed the cats, and I would tell her that she would be able to hear me so she didn’t need to be afraid. In the last two weeks, we’ve stopped telling her we were going downstairs and we just do it. Each night I feel like doing a little cheer when I reach the bottom step. This is how I always imagined putting a child to bed would be. We’d read books and snuggle and then I’d have some time to myself. And now, almost two years later, that dream is realized. I wonder what’s next. . . Ava will no longer whine? She’ll realize that we are actually in charge and that we know best and she will listen to our every last word? Hmmm, it’s fun to dream.


3 Responses to Hallelujah

  1. Beverly says:

    means she is getting to be a big girl. happy birthday early Ava. love her rocking out on her guitar in the above post.

  2. Cheryl says:

    If you figure out how to stop the whining, PLEASE let me know!!!!!! I keep hoping that will go away. Alice insists that she is not a baby and when she whines I tell her that only babies whine, but that only makes her whine more that she is not a baby!!!
    Congrats on the sleeping! Every kid takes their time to get to that point and most take as long as Ava did — no worries!!

  3. Anne says:

    you mean i have 2+ more years to go of this? adeline is exactly the same way. i have to pretend to be asleep until she falls asleep. thankfully, she goes to sleep pretty quickly most nights, but still… enjoy your new found free time 🙂

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