2 years ago. . .

Dear Ava,

Today, August 22, 2008, we celebrate 2 years since the day we met. You’ve now lived with us longer than you lived with your nannies and the other children in China. In the past two years, you’ve grown and changed so much. When we met you at 23 months, you could barely stand up, you still ate mostly from a bottle, and you only had a little fuzz on top of your head.

Today, you are a charming, beautiful preschooler. You can run fast, swing, and make up stories. You have more hair, but still not a lot. You are determined and strong-willed. We’re constantly amazed by how smart you are and what a sweet girl you continue to be.

Our favorite things about you are:

-you always want three hugs and two kisses when we say good-bye

-you call mom Ethan and yourself Phoebe

-you’re so excited for a brother to come home, but now you insist that we are bringing home a sister, too

-you love to cuddle

-you squeal with delight when you see people you love

-you love books and stories

-you love running barefoot outdoors

-you believe in fairies

-you wave to mom from the door and watch me leave for work

-you’re getting so much braver in the water

Ava, words can’t express how incredibly happy we are that you are our daughter. You’re the light of our lives- the most amazing person we’ve ever known. You became our daughter two years ago, and while we have days that aren’t perfect, we have many more days that are pure bliss.

We love you sweetie pie. Happy Ava Day 2008!

Love, Mom and Dad

p.s. Lisa suggested we celebrate with some guava juice tonight. We’ll never forget the night in China you had a whole bottle of very sweet guava juice and we saw your goofy side for the first time. You kept slurping up your noodles and cracking up at the dinner table. Your sweet little laugh melted our hearts.

Pictures from left to right above: 1. Our picture on family day 2007 celebrating at a Chinese restaurant 2. Nathan on the bus moments before we met Ava 3. Me getting off the bus moments before meeting Ava

4, 5, 6. The moment Ava was placed into our arms August 22, 2006

7, 8, 9. Our fist family photos- taken in China

10. Family picture, Ava Day 2008


3 Responses to 2 years ago. . .

  1. Beverly says:

    happy anniversary!!

  2. Lisa & Clara says:

    Happy anniversary to us all! Yesterday, Clara & I saw a can of guava juice in the grocery store and boy, was I tempted! You forgot to mention Ava was waving her arms about and I swear, if she had know english, she would have been saying “ahh…. you guys are great … I love you all! Now, pass the guava dude.” Where has the time gone? And the pictures you sent … the girls in diapers …DIAPERS! Do you remember diapers and bottles? I am happy for the adventures, the learning, the growth, but girls: slow down just a little. Nimen, wo ai ni! (not sure if my pinyin grammar is correct) Lisa

  3. Happy anniversary!

    Dan, Wenguo, and Shuya

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