That’s all our pictures from Cape Cod

I put a few more pictures on Flickr from our trip to Cape Cod. This last batch was from Rick and Lisa’s camera.

Now that we’re home Ava’s taking a gymnastics class, we try to see friends almost everyday since it’s harder to do when I’m working, we go swimming, and we try to get the house clean.

In August we’ll be going to my sister’s in Las Vegas for a week and then we go back to school. How is summer slipping by so fast?

Oh yeah, I work on adoption paperwork almost everyday. A lot of it involves calling places and requesting notarized and certified copies of important documents. We’re still hoping to have all the paperwork collected by the end of summer so we can send that off to Taiwan.

Compared to last summer, this one is so much fun. Last summer Ava was two and a half, she could barely communicate, and she had these emotional breakdowns almost everyday. I remember sitting on the floor and crying with her sometimes because I just couldn’t figure out what would make her happy. She’s very easy to please this summer and gets very excited when we do fun things. I wish summer could last forever!


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