Cape Cod Wrap Up

We’re home from Cape Cod, but we’re wishing we were still there. The place is amazing- much more quiet and peaceful than I was imagining. (I still have this impression that everywhere in the east is loud and chaotic- guess I should travel more).

We had a house in Orleans, which is about in the middle of the Cape as far as I can tell. The house was simple and clean with modern features and nice soothing paint colors. We were about ½ mile from Skaket beach- a beach on the bay side (as opposed to the ocean side) that had very warm, mellow waters. Ava finally got in a baby floaty with a seat in it and let us pull her around. Meanwhile, Clara was practically swimming on her own with only the arm floaties. Clara’s a very athletic, active, and affectionate child. She was mostly the leader in their play and had lots of ideas for games she and Ava could play. One of these games involved the girls digging for pretend bones in the sand and then running to the water and washing them off. They did this forever. Another funny game was to pull their matching nightgowns over their heads to make helmets and then they would jump on the bed and fall down over and over.

This was truly a relaxing vacation. Most days we got up and took our time eating breakfast and drinking coffee. Around 11 or 12 we would head to the beach for a few hours. Then we would start thinking about dinner and make plans to eat out or cook at the house. Rick was in charge of the cooking most nights, so we had some very tasty meals. On Tuesday, my friend Megan who lives in New Hampshire drove down to spend a day and a night with us. Somehow we tricked/persuaded the dads to stay with the girls while the women went out to lunch and coffee. We fully intended to give them some time to themselves, but the opportunity didn’t really present itself for the dads (sorry about that guys).

Just like sisters, Ava and Clara got into some arguments that often ended in a timeout for one or both of them. I hate to say it, but Ava’s a little sneaky and I swear she was purposely trying to get Clara in trouble a few times. Overall, they were the best of friends and we (the parents) didn’t know what was more scary- when they fought or when they whispered their scheming plans to one another.

The highlights of this vacation were watching the girls play, relaxing on the beach, and long talks with good friends. We will fondly remember this trip and hope to have many more vacations with Clara, Lisa and Rick.

(I had a ton of fun taking pictures of our dear ones. I’m uploading them as quickly as I can.)


One Response to Cape Cod Wrap Up

  1. Lisa says:

    Wow … you are fast! I am assuming you’ve done the laundry, grocery shopped and plowed through your mail before writing this post! It is terribly lonely without you guys here … this morning Clara & I were lazing in bed and I asked her to name all the people she loved. She said mommy, daddy, Amma O and then paused and said “Ava, Diana and Ava’s daddy” (I guess Nathan is just too hard of a name for her to remember). Today she was pretending to talk on a cell phone and I asked her who she was talking to. “Ava’s daddy” she replied as she wandered off, telling him to tell Ava she was with Amma O. I think she misses the nice mommy & daddy and not her grouchy mom 🙂 I am already plotting how we can get 2 weeks together for our next vacation! I hope Nathan’s lawn is okay. we miss you more than I can express … hurry to Omaha and we can share the adventure of tornadoes together. love, Lisa

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