Where’s Steven Spielberg when you need him?

About two years ago, Nathan and a couple of friends he met in film school decided to make a zombie film. It ended up being 14 minutes long and it literally took two years to edit and get the color and sound right. I don’t know much about the film business, but I do know that it is very hard work.

Anyway, tonight Nathan was able to show his film on a somewhat big screen on the CU campus. About 70 people showed up for the premiere, and since it is only 14 minutes, we got to see it twice on the big screen.

Ava somehow made it through the first showing sitting on her grandma’s lap, but when they played it a second time, she could barely stand the scary music. I took her out before any zombies appeared.

While I complained a lot about the time it took Nathan to edit, I always supported him on making this a reality. It was a life goal of his to make a film and I’m so proud of him that he did. However, he now has to wait one full year before even mentioning to me that he wants to start another project! Unless, of course, Steven Spielberg is in need of a writer or director in which case, I might let Nathan do another film.

In other news, we leave for Cape Cod this Saturday to meet Lisa, Rick, and Clara whom we met in China. I’m so excited for Clara and Ava to hang out with each other and it will be very good to see Rick and Lisa again. I might have mentioned before that I would have never imagined we would make such good friends through adoption, but I am eternally grateful that we did. I hope to upload pictures as we take them of the two princesses on our vacation.


2 Responses to Where’s Steven Spielberg when you need him?

  1. Lisa & Clara says:

    Well Diana, I don’t know if it will be a good thing having our 2 boys hanging out together as lazy time, beers and idle chatter will lead to late night discussions of possible film projects …

    Did Ava watch the film?! Boy, Clara talks about a giant hand with long claws in her room and I hate to think what she might dream up with that zombie … (and why do boys still love zombies and space ships and super heros? I gave up unicorns and princesses a long time ago) Can’t wait to see you all “in the flesh” and I hope the divas don’t wear us out!

  2. Beverly says:

    congrats to nathan!

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