The most beautiful flower girl

Warning: there are lots and lots of adorable pictures and a few short videos, too.

(A thought- some people with biological children make comments like, “Not to brag, but isn’t he/she adorable,” when referring to their own children. I feel like all parents should brag about the beauty of their children, but I’ve never even thought to preface my boasting with, “Not to brag. . .” Maybe it’s because Ava doesn’t look like me. At any rate, I think she is so beautiful and I’m proud to share these pictures with anyone who loves to see them.)

Ava was amazing throughout the entire wedding. We thought she would only have to walk up the aisle and then she would sit with us, but once they were up there, all 5 of the flower girls stayed. A few times, I caught Ava and the little girl next to her with their arms around each other giggling. The bride was gorgeous and the outdoor ceremony was beautiful.

The best and most surprising part was how Ava only wanted to dance at the reception- no dinner, no cake- only dancing. She was ecstatic on the dance floor, dancing alone, with people she had never met, or with mom and dad. It didn’t matter who was out there or how crowded the dance floor got, she was a dancing fool until she literally dropped into our arms about 10pm.

A couple times she flashed the on-lookers, which got lots of laughs (apparently her underwear were too big and kept falling down, she just fixed them right there in front of everyone). She twirled and hopped and fell down a lot (I think the falling was on purpose, you know, a special dance move).

At the end of the night as we were putting our tired girl into the car, Nathan said, “When we were in China, could you have possibly imagined Ava being like this one day. ” I could have never imagined the joy I would see on her face at times like these. I look forward to so many more 🙂

(I have a few more pictures and the short videos to put up soon. Not sure if I’ll have time tonight)


4 Responses to The most beautiful flower girl

  1. Andrea Jansky says:

    She is sooo beautiful. It looked like a great day all together. She’s got her priorities right. Dancing all night 🙂

  2. Paula says:

    You are not bragging, Ava is beautiful! The pictures (and movies) of her in her flower girl dress are adorable, of course. And the 5 little girls all dressed in the beautiful little pink dresses are too cute for words. I have never seen a wedding with 5 flower girls but it was the cutest thing ever. Hope to see you after June 15h…Love, Paula

  3. Beverly says:

    She is beautiful and the life of the party. How cute!!

  4. Joyce Mina says:

    What a beautiful flower girl! Christian was a ring bearer at the same age and he stole the show. I loved Nathan’s comment when you were putting her in the car for the night. Isn’t it amazing how she’s captured your hearts in such a short period of time?

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