Paperwork update

This post doesn’t mean much in terms of progress, it’s more of a place to share more about the process than I ever did before. We started our blog very late in our process with Ava. We were not that objective or patient with the paper work. We were in disbelief at the amount of paperwork and background checks required for adoption. Yet, I wouldn’t have it any other way. It’s truly for the protection of each child and I don’t blame any government or agency for wanting the best for the children. It is funny to think about every potential parent going through this, though.

So, today I printed the forms to change our address on our driver’s licenses and called the police department to see when we could come in to do our fingerprints for a state background check.  Further along in the process, we will have to go to the nearest immigration office (an hour away from us) to do fingerprints for an FBI background check.

We’ve already filled out the very personal application asking about our childhood, how much we drink and take medications, if we’ve ever been to a counselor and why (by the way, you need a letter from a counselor if you’ve seen one to verify that you’re mentally capable of raising a child), and our sex life from the very beginning. We need to schedule physicals to make sure we are physically able to parent a child (and if you ever have to do this, just hope that you’ve never taken an anti-depressant, you’re not obese, and you’ve never been diagnosed with a life-threatening illness- these could all cause potential problems for an adoption).

Of course, our employers will have to write letters verifying our salary and our insurance company will have to write one as well saying they will cover an adopted child. We need to find four dear friends who will write confidential references for us (meaning we can’t see the references- again, can you imagine if everyone had to find references before proceeding with a birth?), and we need to request more marriage and birth certificates. Naturally, everything needs to be notarized and some things need to be certified and then authenticated (they authenticate documents in Chicago in case you’re wondering. Some people actually fly there to get it done faster).  Oh, and our passports happen to expire this year, so we need to renew those as well.

After our social worker interviews us for a total of 3-4 visits and we take 24 hours of parenting classes, we are finally considered good parents and we can proceed with the adoption.

I know, I still sound a little bitter about all of this even though I said I understand the reasoning. It’s just that we would rather be playing outside with Ava on these beautiful spring days (or updating our blog) than filling out paperwork and worrying about background checks (even thought there’s nothing to worry about).

So, we’ve made the smallest dent possible and we are proceeding at a snail’s pace, but things are getting done, and we’re still managing to play outside 🙂


3 Responses to Paperwork update

  1. Paula says:

    Hang in there, Diana, and do that blasted paperwork and background checks. Of course I do not need to remind you what the wonderful outcome will be. It will be worth every minute of time you put into it when you and Nathan have your next child! It is too bad the agency cannot just see what outstanding, awesome, loving parents you are and go from there. Ha. I love the picture of Jim and Ava and do know he is truly responsible for Ava’s ice cream fetish—and probably a few more of the grandchildren’s ice cream fettshes, as well… Also love the pictures of Emma at track—she is an amazing runner, isn’t she? Again, I sure enjoy your blog. Hope to see you in June…Paula

  2. Myrna says:

    Dear Nathan & Diana,

    Paperwork, paperwork, paperwork, ah yes, it is everytwhere and cannot be avoided. The upside is now you know what to expect and you’ve already got it going on. If you need a reference, I would be happy to do one for you. I have seen with my own two eyes and my heart what kind of parents you are and personally I see no reason for references since it is so very obvious what great parents you are. Couldn’t you just send them the blog. That shows your parenting skills for sure.

    Love you,

  3. Lisa & Clara says:

    Ah, memories of the good ‘ole days … how I miss our Homeland Security Office; the State troopers and their old fashioned ink fingerprint process; the SW visits and the various regional offices we had to submit documents to for certification (or is that the Authentication and the Embassy certifies? How quickly I forget.) I love all the recent photos of Ava and phew! She is a chocolate ice cream fan as Clara’s preferred flavor is strawberry, so we should be safe on the Cape (have I mentionned all the great ice cream shops nearby? Buy a bathing suit 1 size larger just to be safe.) We are excited for your paperwork pregnancy and I am only a phone call away should the morning sickness get too intense! Ice cream is the cure that.

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