And That’s a Wrap

Our week of fun, excitement, and very little productivity is over. It’s back to work and school for Ava and me tomorrow. A couple of pretty cool things happened this weekend.

Ava saw her first movie in the movie theater! We were going to go to the zoo with Mei Mei and her mom, but the weather wasn’t that great, so we went to see Horton Hears a Who. We both loved it. Ava didn’t take her eyes off the screen once. A couple times she told me she was afraid and I just held her hand. She asked lots of questions throughout the movie like, “What’s he doing, Mom? Where’s Horton? Why he doing that, Mom? I don’t have to be afraid, Mom?” My only complaint is that movies are so loud for those tiny little eardrums. She seems to be okay, though.

We were also invited to a Chinese “hot pot” dinner at Dan and Wenguo’s. It’s kind of like fondue- YUMMY! Four of the five families that normally get together were there and the girls played so well with each other. It’s absolutely adorable to watch them play, and every time we get together, I am so thankful for this group of people. Not only are they great friends to me and Nathan, but it’s nice to know Ava will have many friends as she grows up who have also been adopted from China.That reminds me, Ava’s friend Mei Mei was here for a few hours on Thursday and she asked me if Ava had a China mom and a China dad. Ava looked to me and asked the same question, “I have a China mom and a China dad?” I replied with something like, “Yes, you do, honey. They were the ones who gave birth to you and then Mommy and Daddy came to get you to bring you home.” That’s not exactly the way I imagined I would explain it, but I don’t think it’s too early to talk about it, especially as many of my friends are having babies and Ava’s talking about babies in tummies a lot. I’ve been wondering how I would bring it up with Ava, and Mei Mei provided me with the perfect opportunity. I read that you should only explain as much as they ask about, so some of the harder details will come later.

Other big news is that Ava officially became a princess this weekend. We’ve been fighting it for awhile- not necessarily the concept of being a princess, but all of the consumer products with princesses on them. I was doing some work the junk room and came across a bag of clothes handed down from one of Ava’s cousins. In the bag was a princess dress, so I let Ava put it on. I don’t think she’ll take it off until we have to put her in her flower girl dress in June. We went to pick that up this weekend and Ava said, “Wow, that’s a fancy one. I will get to dance with all of the other ballerinas, Mom?” I explained the job of a flower girl and she got a huge smile on her face. My friend’s wedding isn’t until June, but I think it will be a pretty special day for Ava (and, of course, my friend, Michelle who’s getting married).

I’m not sure if I’ve already mentioned that I signed Ava up for a ballet class at the rec center. I asked her if she wanted to take it and she said, “Yea, and I will wear a princess dress and dance with all of the other ballerinas.” We’ve been reading a lot of Angelina Ballerina, so she must be thinking of the ballerinas in that book.

So, we wrap up this week with the house a mess, the garage cluttered, and the junk room still full of junk, but our hearts are filled with many more happy memories.

(a few more pictures added tonight)


3 Responses to And That’s a Wrap

  1. jjoyce mina (Corey & Christian's mom) says:

    Diana –
    I love following your blog. It brings back wonderful memories of my boys and the many questions they asked. When Corey was little, I had a friend who was pregnant. Her kids talked about the baby growing in their mommy’s tummy and Corey asked if he grew in my tummy. I told him No — that he grew in his birth mother’s tummy but also told him that he grew in my heart. I wasn’t sure at first how he’d react but all he said was “OK, Mom”. From that point on, he’d always tell people that he grew in my heart.

  2. Lisa & Clara says:

    Ah, I’ve enjoyed your week … and wish we had all been together. I love your response to Ava’s question regarding her China parents and I am grateful we have each other to consult as these issues come up. Hopefully Ava will be able to enlighten Clara as currently Clara believes she hatched from an egg like the penguin in the book I sent you. I just ordered the book Motherbridge of Love and will let you know if I think it is any good. Also, I will need your input on the topic of death and pets as I struggle to prepare Clara for the inevitable. Not that I wish ill for Snapps, but it seems like he & Bandit may cross that Rainbow bridge together and I’ll be looking to you for the right words to explain it to Clara. I hope the return to work & school is a smooth one! Hugs to you all. love, Lisa

  3. Cannon says:

    Nate and Diane,

    Collin is 18 months old now and starting to say “Hi” alot (that’s pretty much his only word, except for “No”). I’m looking forward to having him say more and hearing the stories from Nate when I see him next weekend. Is Ava available for any tutoring lessons?

    Take care, Cannon, Cassie and Collin

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