Ahhhhhh, Spring Break

I haven’t hidden my complaints about working very well. Working full time this year has been really hard on me and . . . well, just me. Ava loves school and never seems to miss being at home while she’s there. Sometimes on our longer breaks from school she asks if she can go back to school. She never cries about going to school and often wants to stay longer when I come to pick her up.

I, on the other hand, miss her terribly and I can’t seem to get everything done that should be done. I don’t cook as often as I would like, I rarely clean, I resent things that take up my time unless it’s with people we care about, and I’m just sad I don’t get to do all the things with Ava other moms get to do all the time- story time, swimming, classes at the rec center, yoga with mom, and on and on. Sure we have the weekends, but there are things we have to do on the weekends and they end up feeling very rushed. I am sooooo lucky to have the summer off, but still, I want more time. This is the only time in Ava’s life at home that she isn’t required by law to go to school, and we’re sending her to school anyway. This is the only time we could do all of those wonderful things everyday of the year, not just in the summer.

It’s purely selfish, but I would love to be able to spend even more time with Ava and I would love to feel like I had enough time to do that AND take care of things around the house. (Nathan does a lot, but he has even less time getting home from work at 6:30pm and little time off.)

So now Ava and I have a week off from school and we will treasure each day while balancing fun things and catching up on life (doctor’s appointments, vet appointments, car repair, and dental work).

Guess I just needed to whine a little bit today. I know we are very fortunate to have everything we do, including our jobs, but more than anything, I want to spend time doing fun things with my family. I’m sure I’m not alone there 🙂

(**I know have a choice to work or not to work, but for several reasons, it is better for our family that I work right now. Most days my attitude is okay about it. Once again, I am so happy I have such great students and co-workers who make my time at work a lot of fun.)


2 Responses to Ahhhhhh, Spring Break

  1. Paula says:

    OK, Diana, I hear you loud and clear. For me, I am at the point in my life where I want to do things OTHER than work. I have a great job and co-workers and students but I am tired of working. I so understand what you are saying about spending more time with Ava. And you are so right because they grow up so fast. What I can say to you, Diana, is the time you spend with Ava is quality time—always. So what if your house isn’t clean and you don’t cook much, you can do that when Ava grows up if you are so inclined. What matters most now is to savor and enjoy the time you have with Ava. Don’t feel guilty about limiting your outside time to just things you want and enjoy doing…it is OK. They say that sometimes you actually have better quality time with your child when you work as you utilize the time you do spend with them better. I will say that I actually get more things done when I am working than when I am not—and I know that doesn’t seem to make sense but it is true. I just wanted you to know I totally get what you are saying and I hope that for you and your family that in the future you will have an opportunity to work less or none at all. I will say that working 4 days a week instead of 5 days a week improved my attitude immensely! It gives me an additional day during the week to do things I would like to do and don’t get done on the weekend. Hang in there—you are doing a great job juggling. Isn’t that what Mom’s are supposed to do? :~)

  2. Sabrina & Karen says:

    Hang in there. I am living your life across country. I have officially given up any ME time……..I like the people who complain about ME time………..I want more KID time….what IS ME time anyway? Kid time… I covet it……….kid time rocks. However, I DO agree that quality WAY trumps quantity. I know MANY, MANY stay at home moms who don’t do all the cool stuff you do (like take their 3 yr old CAMPING!?) They complain about how they can’t get to the gym or get ME time………..You do rock. We rock as moms AND teachers. Summers totally make up for the school year. You will see. Summers will be GREAT, GREAT times. I treasure each day of mine. My kids are turning out OK. Obviously so is Ava. Some things have to slide………we have cold sandwiches for dinner once a week……..I cook 2 dinners on Sun night so I don’t have to cook on Mon………we go out every Friday and carry in one night. Do the math….that’s a lot of nights with no cooking…….just hanging out with the kids. Do laundry on Friday nights………after working all week, you’re too tired to go out, right? Just hang in there…….and be grateful for Spring break…….I still have 2 more weeks til mine……….if I make it……….UGH.

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