Shuya, Claire, Ava, Anna Grace, Adeline

Well, Chinese New Year is almost over. Happy Year of the Rat! We got together with our adoption group this past weekend to celebrate. Each of us brought a traditional Chinese dish- I made Lion’s Head soup. It had napa cabbage and ground turkey (instead of pork) meatballs. The lion symbolizes happiness and the meatballs represented the lion’s head while the cabbage represented its mane. I love the symbolism in the Chinese language and culture. I especially love how some words are more meaningful because they simply sound like another word. One example is that the word for the number 4 sounds like the word for death, so people avoid the number 4 if they can help it. It’s an unlucky number.

Ava has so much fun when we get together with this group. Now that almost all of the babies/girls are here (one couple is still waiting for a referral for their second daughter) they range in age from 10 months to 4 years old. It goes:
Claire- 4
Ava- 3
Shuya- 2
Adeline- 1
Anna Grace- 10 months

They are so much fun to watch! The first time we got together with them, Ava and Claire were the only two girls and Ava didn’t leave our laps the entire time. Now she and Claire run around like wild animals until their parents force them to say good-bye way past any type of normal bedtime. Shuya likes to join in their fun, but tends to also be interested in the two younger ones and the adults. Anna Grace and Adeline have each only been here for a few months, and they are adjusting so well. I can’t wait until we get all five of them chasing each other around the house. We’re so lucky to have these friends.

Which reminds me that we can’t forget about our dear friends in Omaha whom we miss terribly and can’t wait to see again. We’re trying to arrange a family trip to the beach with them this summer. I’m always wishing we lived closer to Lisa, Rick, and Clara.

It’s amazing how we gained such great friends in our adoption journey. I wasn’t really expecting this double blessing!


2 Responses to Friends

  1. Courtney says:

    Hmmmm. what about your friends without kids …. don’t you miss us too??? I think this should be a bit like an Emmy award speech, you have to get everyone in there .. so it should sound something like: we really want to thank our adoption group for supporting us through our wait and our transition and our day to day life, and we want to thank our friends in Omaha who we love to see and can’t wait untill we get together again, and my friends from school who are such a joy to work with and learn from, and Nathans work colleagues who make him go to work everyday, and my happy hour group who seems to always know how to make Friday afternoons fun, and my dear dear dear running partner from several years ago who I miss terribly, and my all of my fellow concert buffs who I do not see nearly enough (b/c of course I can’t take Ava with me to the shows, but if I could…..), and my book club for always picking interesting books or if they are dull making the discussion interesting, and the teachers at the daycare Ava attends for being so open and warm each and every day, etc… 🙂 (of course you would have family in as well)
    The girls look like they are having fun! I am glad for you all that you have each other. AND HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

  2. Lisa & Clara says:

    Today Clara declared “I was born in China!” She then asked me where I was born and I told her New Jersey which isn’t very exciting, but guess who else was born in China? Of course, she guessed Ava and then commanded that “Ava come to Nebraska – see me!” and I heartily agree. I have to say, Ava looks lovely in bright pink although, is there any color these 2 don’t look good in? And I am sure Ava is really the ringleader in your adoption group – I am jealous not to be out there with you all! Okay, I am thinking about summer and warmer days …. brrrr…. no school tomorrow due to COLD?!!! Hope you all are warm and healthy 🙂

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