From Phoenix

Ava’s cool uncles, Noah and Nick

Guess who is getting more attention than ever? Yea, it’s Ava. She and Makayla (her new cousin) are the only two kids here and the adults are catering to their every need. Ava has been an angel the entire time even though we have completely destroyed her sleep schedule.

We took Ava to the service yesterday for Nathan’s grandpa and the casket was still open for a few minutes. She handled it very well and asked if Daddy’s grandpa was resting in his very soft bed. When they closed the casket Ava was a little alarmed until they put the flag blankie on top. Toward the end of the service as I was a little teary-eyed, Ava said, “It’s not something to worry about, Mommy. Just we are happy.”

At the cemetery we looked at leaves that were alive and leaves that were not alive and talked about what we need to live (food, water, sleep and love). I felt good about these first difficult conversations and it helped that Ava celebrated the Day of the Dead at preschool.

Phoenix is warm and sunny and it’s great to spend time with the family. We saw Alice and Meigan who are two girls we met in China. Meigan and Ava slept right next to each other in China, but they didn’t seem to remember each other (although they scream exactly the same when they are upset.) We aren’t going to make it up to my aunt and uncle on the other side of Phoenix, but I know we will be back again soon.

It’s time to go for a swim before meeting the family again for lunch.


One Response to From Phoenix

  1. ptrudell says:

    Looks like Ava is thouroughly enjoying spending time with Nate’s family and her new cousin! The baby is BEAUTIFUL!!!! Although it’s probably a difficult time for Nate and his family, it’s wonderful that Ava gets to see so many of the people that love her and that she is learning to love. I am so amazed that she is only 3 and she knows what a “cousin” is! Hope you have/had a safe trip home.


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