Oh, I see

She can still be my little angel, but she will occasionally need me to help teach her how to treat others. And since I’m a “safe” person to scream at, she will ask me to help teach her by acting in ways that are not desirable.  Well, that makes perfect sense.  I have a feeling there will be many teachable  moments in the near future. Thanks to all of the advice from family and friends on how to deal with these moments. I feel a little more prepared now.

Tomorrow we are headed to Phoenix to be with Nathan’s family. His grandpa just passed away and though we weren’t very close with him, we are reminded that we will not be here forever and it’s important to spend time with family. While we are there, we will try calling two families from our travel group that we met in China to see if we can get together.  It’s been hard making these last minute arrangements, but I’m looking forward to introducing Ava to family members who haven’t met her yet and Nathan and I have a new niece whom we haven’t met either.

I was just starting to get overwhelmed with life and a little stressed about my job and then I get this reminder of what’s important.  I’ll be thinking about that a lot on this trip. See you when we return.


One Response to Oh, I see

  1. Paula says:

    Good for you, Diana, you have things figured out nicely! Basically you are the safe scapegoat. It is a mother’s role, what can I say? Hope things go OK with your Phoenix trip. I am sorry Nathan’s grandfather passed away. Will watch for your next always humorous blog post. Love, Paula

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