Too cute. . .

Well, this could be about Ava, but it’s not, really. It’s about one of my students. I teach 7th and 8th graders. In most classes, I talk about Ava all the time. I teach language arts (or English, as it used to be called), and I always use Ava in my examples for grammar study. I even hook my camera up to the TV and show my students pictures and videos. But there is one class, where I only work with a group of three students and I never really told them about Ava.

So, the other day we were in my classroom and this 7th grade girl, Rachel, saw Ava’s picture and said, “Your daughter is really cute.”

I thanked her and then she said, “She looks a lot like you.” What else could I do? I laughed and said, “Really? She’s Chinese.”

Rachel then said, “I thought she was adopted, but I didn’t want to be rude and ask, so I just said she looked like you, but she doesn’t really.”

I told her that was very sensitive of her not to probe too much, but that it was okay for her to ask me anything she wanted. I wish some adults had that much self control and thoughtfulness. People tend not to ask about Ava as much as they did when we first came back from China, but I’ve definitely experienced some comments that were less than thoughtful. No matter what you may think, 13 and 14 year olds are definitely some of the sweetest people I’ve known.

Speaking of sweet people, about a month or two ago, a woman wrote an email to a Yahoo group I joined saying that she had video footage of Ava’s orphanage from December 2004. Ava would have been two months old at the time. She mailed me a copy of the DVD and, sadly, I cannot tell if any of the babies in it are Ava. She (Ava) picked out one baby that was older than she would have been and said it was her. We did get to see a lot of the nannies and I told Ava those were the nannies who held her and fed her while she lived in China.

Tonight the same woman sent me three pictures of babies that she thought might have been Ava. Two of them were clearly not her, but this one. . .maybe. If this is Ava, she would have been about 6 months old. I guess we’ll never know. We don’t really have any pictures of her as an infant.


(You might be able to click on it to make it bigger)

On a lighter note, there is a picture of the new purse on Flickr. My criteria was: colorful; big enough for a pull-up, water bottle, mittens, and hat; a pocket for my cell phone; durable/washable material. It meets all of those. The brand is Kipling (they make a lot of travel bags with monkeys on them). It was also 50% off- BONUS!


3 Responses to Too cute. . .

  1. Paula says:

    Well, Diana, the purse is GREAT! I can see why you liked it and it certainly fit the criteria you had set up, the 50% off was just a bonus. I agree that there is a possibility that the baby in that picture could be Ava. It is hard to tell but the baby certainly does resemble her. Too bad there isn’t some sort of mark or something that could identify whether or not it was her. By the way—I wish I would have counted how many times people told Kyle he looked like me…we would just smile and then laugh between ourselves. :~) Paula

  2. Courtney says:

    The purse defentially stands out! I like it. Students sure are sweet sometimes, good thing you remember the sweet things they say and not the nasty ones! I, actually, at this point am suprised to say I don’t really remember either … unfortunatly. I do however know about the duty of stores towards their customers …
    Glad you threw up a couple pictures of you … nice to see them.
    As for Ava, isn’t it good she sees that she cannot control everything (refering to the post about the bathroom) isn’t that an important part of expanding her world beyond herself (I think that starts to occur around 3’s and 4’s???). It is surley true that we have to admit that we have control of so little, and then after figuring that out be content with it instead of angry. Oh, just a lttle wisdom I picked up from mom .. I’m still working on it so I guess Ava has a while:)

  3. Lisa & Clara says:

    Very nice purse … and so “responsible” of you (getting it on sale) versus me demanding my Coach mommy bag (but you soo deserve one too – holds tons, looks stylish and classic and has little slot for cell phone, oh and then Clara carries her stuff in a corded shopping bag as I don’t want goldfish crackers spilling out on the nice silk lining). The picture of the baby … so hard to say … I know I pour over photos from Clara’s SWI and thinking “is that her?” The hand gesture – does Ava do that? Even in our referral photo, Clara is holding her hands in a way very familiar to us. The only telltale “feature” would be the callus on her left thumb – her sucking finger! And I loved your comment on our blog – yes, they are growing up way too fast! I can so see Ava shoving you out of the way – “come on mom, I’m a big girl now.” Sigh. If they could just stay little ’til their Hanna Anderssons wear out!

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