Bye-bye fun times, hello work

Fun with friends

Yes, we had some fun during this break, a lot of fun actually. We saw friends and family we haven’t managed to spend much time with lately. We went to parties, went sledding, and, of course, Ava had her first overnight stay at her grandma’s. While Ava’s other grandma was visiting this week, Nathan and I managed to see the our 3rd movie at the theaters since we came home with Ava (No Country for Old Men, good and. . . gory). And I got caught up with reading all my favorite blogs.

So, tomorrow I go back to work and Ava goes back to school. I’m lucky to have such great students otherwise I would be dreading this. Things will get back to normal soon and we’ll see our friends again this summer. JUST KIDDING! It is hard to squeeze in a social life, though, with Nathan and I working full time.

These blog posts will be a little less frequent as well, but luckily I have the new camera and that will motivate me to get new pictures up.

I’ll leave you with Ava’s funny words tonight:

I asked, “Ava are you a sweet heart?”

“No, I’m a sweet. . .mouse.”


One Response to Bye-bye fun times, hello work

  1. Paula says:

    A sweet mouse is pretty cute, too! Love the pictures, didn’t realize you had a new camera. Today was my first day back at school, also. Always nice to have that first day back over, huh? Tell little Sweet Mouse Ava that I said “Hi.” Paula

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