Part 4: I’m finally feeling relaxed on our Mexican Adventure

Wednesday(the day before Thanksgiving):

I woke up in our house on the beach and walked out onto the balcony. For the first time during this trip, I saw the ocean and the palm trees. There was a gentle breeze creating small rolling waves in the water and the palm trees were swaying slightly in the wind like huge fans inviting me to come out. I went downstairs and out to the veranda where Rudolfo was filling the pool for us. I walked out into the warm sand and breathed a sigh of relief, finally feeling like I could relax.

Later that day, we drove into Progreso (population 50,000) for drinks on the beach and a little shopping. We never found the main shopping area, but we did find a nice restaurant that had swings on its outdoor patio. That kept Ava happy while the rest of us had margaritas and tried the famous Yucatan ceviche for the first time. You can get ceviche anywhere, but I kept reading about it in our guide books and had to try it here. Yummmy!

Progreso is not a tourist town and I can see why, but we loved being immersed in the Mexican culture. As I went to bed Wednesday night, I thought of people back home preparing for Thanksgiving dinner. I was already missing my mom’s mashed potatoes and gravy, but I was so happy to be avoiding Whole Foods the day before a holiday.


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