Our Mexican Adventure (in several parts)

Hotel Chitzen Itza in Piste, Mexico

Disclaimer: This is going to be long- several parts in fact. I don’t know why, but I want to try writing. I don’t particularly want to be a writer. It’s not even one of my top three hobbies, yet I feel this need to write and our trip seems to be a good topic. So, keep reading if you wish. Who knows, this need might vanish half way through and we’ll never know how the trip ended.

Part 1

Pre Mexican Adventure
-I minored in Spanish in college because I love the language and the Mexican culture. I can’t speak it well, can’t remember specific words, but I have pronuncion muy bueno (or so I was told by at least three Mexicans on this trip). I grew up in southern Colorado with lots of Hispanic culture. Now I live in northern Colorado with very little diversity. Mexico warms my soul with its friendliness and beauty. (warning- if you speak Spanish, my linguistic errors will be painful to you)

-Nathan was in charge of planning this trip. I planned most everything for our trip to China and told him if he wanted to go to Mexico, he had to plan it. We couldn’t decide, or rather agree, on what we should do, so we tried to compromise. I wanted the beach for eight solid days, he wanted to travel around the Yucatan peninsula and see the sights. He agreed to go to a beach, BUT NOT A RESORT, he practically yelled. I agreed to go to the capital, Merida.

-Nathan’s dad, step-mom, brother, brother’s girlfriend, and our niece all met us there. We try to go to Mexico every year for Thanksgiving with this side of the family. They left the planning up to us and might have regretted that in the end.

-The night before we left, I slept for 3 hours. Ava didn’t go to sleep until 10:30 (not sure why) and I still had to do some packing. My dog was up all night, turns out he had to go to the bathroom and ended up pooping on the floor, and my terrible dry cough that I get every year had begun.

-We all woke up tired and grumpy the morning of our departure.

Day One: Monday November 19th
Ava woke up at 5:30am after going to bed at 10:30 the night before. She woke up screaming, “Mommy packing all the things.” We finished up all of our last minute packing, disappointed as usual that there wasn’t more spare room for cheap souvenirs.

Rode the bus to the airport- Ava liked that- and got on the plane no problem. About two hours into the flight Ava said, “Done being on airplane. Ready get off.” She whined and complained for the next two hours. As the pilot announced, “Attendants prepare for landing,” she fell asleep.

We arrived in Cancun at 2:30pm and had to hang out in the airport to wait for Derek, Aubrey, Emma, Gordon and Esther. Then there was lots and lots of waiting for the rental cars. We headed toward Chitzen Itza after missing our exit only once and having to turn around on a busy road in Cancun. Once we were on the toll way, Nathan noticed we only had a half tank of gas. No problemo, we would just pull over at the next gas station, except there wasn’t one for 95 miles. We made it to a gas station as our gas warning light came on. Phew.

By 7:30pm we were pulling into Piste, our first destination. It’s a small town about 5 km from Chitzen Itza. It was dark and we didn’t have directions to the hotel. We were told we would just see it once we drove into town. Well, we didn’t see it. I asked for directions and got, “Todo direcho, todo direcho,” which I knew either meant straight or right. At least we could eliminate left.

Finally we found the hotel after almost losing our relatives in the other car. A rather scary thought considering none of our cell phones worked and they didn’t even have the name of the hotel where we were staying. We sat down to dinner at 9pm where I was introduced to the local habanero picante (hot sauce!). A couple margaritas later we were all in good spirits and happy to be in Mexico.

I remember thinking, if that’s the hardest part of our trip, this is going to be a breeze.

(Pictures will be on Flickr as they relate to each part of the story. only these first three so far.)


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  1. Courtney says:

    O.K, kinda like I am on the adventure too …. what oh what will happen next??:)

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