I was/am working on my post about our trip and Ava is watching “The Grinch Who Stole Christmas” on TV. Before this show Shrek was on and she was really into it, actually crying when the commercials came on because she wanted to see the little Shreks.

So just now she says, “Mommy I want to watch Shrek again.”

“I’m sorry, honey it’s all over,” I tell her.

“It died, Mommy?”

That reminds me of the cutest thing she said yesterday. We took the bus home from the airport and we were the last ones on the crowded city bus. Nathan sat in the back and Ava and I found a seat in the middle. Occasionally Ava would stand up on my lap to look for her daddy in the back. At one point she said, “Where’s my daddy. I see him with his hat on. My daddy is cute, Mommy.” (What a sweetie. She said this after he had been sick for 3 days, hadn’t showered that morning, and had been traveling for 12 hours by car, plane and bus.)


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  1. Beverly says:

    How sweet. Of course her daddy is cute and is her hero.


  2. Myrna says:

    Dear Nathan, Dianan & Ava,
    I love that she said her Daddy is cute!!!! that is so sweet. Also shows how much she loves him, not that there was ever a question in my mind!!! The pictures tell that story!!! I love that she doesn’t like commercials either — I hate them and if I was her age I’d cry too.

    I got Ava the cutest little outfit for Christmas (at least I think it’s cute) and I can’t wait to come!!!!!! My babysitting offer still stands — anything you guys want to do and anytime is fine with me — I’m there from the 23rd (get in around 11:30 pm the 22nd) and leave around 6 pm on the 27th. Make your plans — you have a free babysitter available!!!!!! I’m so looking forward to seeing everyone and bonding with Ava!!!!

    Love you,

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