La Viva Mexicana

Es muy . . . relaxing. That’s about how all of my Spanish sentences go. I can get across two thirds of the idea and then I lack for words. Nonetheless, everyone is friendly and more than willing to talk with us and help us figure out where we’re trying to go. Of course, they just want to take us to their family’s market real quick to check it out.

Right now I am sitting in the lobby of the Hotel Luz en Yucatan in the capital city of Yucatan called Merida. It reminds me of Rome in Mexico.  Hot, humid, beautiful, colorful, and even more laid back than any Italian city I’ve visited.

Ava has been the best traveler! She loves seeing the sights and happily goes anywhere in the backpack we brought for her. We promised her a ride in the horse-drawn carriage tonight and she’s been talking about it all day. “First nap, then ride with horse. Yes, Mommy?”

We’ve had quite an adventure renting a car and driving to three different cities in the Yucatan. I can’t say I would recommend it, but it’s been an experience I’ll forever remember. I love Merida and will come back here someday. Chitzen Itza was very cool as was the small town of Piste where we stayed near Chitzen Itza. Progreso is nothing out of the ordinary as far as Mexican towns go and I will probably never make reservations for a beach house on the Internet again (more stories to come later).

The food and drinks are amazing as they always are when I come to Mexico although Nathan has been sick for three days. Poor guy ate some green foamy looking stuff and hasn’t been the same since. We got some prescription strength Immodium for him today and he’s up and around now enjoying the city.

I wish we would have visited more cenotes, natural underground wells or sinkholes. They are some of the most beautiful sights I’ve ever seen and so refreshing to swim in.

We have one more day in Merida and we head for home on Tuesday. I love Mexico so much and we’ve already picked our destination for next year at this time.  I might never eat turkey on Thanksgiving again.

Buenas noches!


One Response to La Viva Mexicana

  1. Courtney says:

    Well Nathan, I did not have to travel any farther than my front door to accept the pizza which has made me sick … Wish I could be in Mexico on the toilet:)
    Sorry you missed three days…
    Glad you are all enjoying your Thanksgiving! I have been checking the blog for updates. The water holes sound lovely. I traveled the same line of stops four years ago and had a blast! Talk to ya soon…

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