Happy Halloween!

This was a Halloween like no other. We went to a “Halloween Journey” done by a local Waldorf kindergarten. It was amazing, beautiful, and magical. In short, there were about 7 stations and a wordless angel lead us to each one where the children would stop to listen to the gnome, wizard, explorers and Native Americans, man in the woods, Jonah (in the whale), and a king and queen. These people would say a message to the children and then give them something special: fairy water, precious stones, rocks of courage, and sweet treats like a honey stick. I can’t even describe it in words. Ava was mesmerized and so were we.

From what I can gather of the Waldorf tradition, they design their festivals and celebrations from all spiritual beliefs. At school tomorrow, Ava will be celebrating the Day of the Dead. At this Halloween Journey there was magic- wizards, fairies, gnomes; there was appreciation of nature- Native Americans, St. Francis; there was Jonah in the whale talking about compassion; and of course an angel lead us through the journey. Saturday night we’ll go on a lantern walk that will represent the festivals of light celebrated by many cultures around the world at this time. The children will carry lit lanterns around the block while singing songs about light. While Ava doesn’t understand every word spoken at these events, I believe something is touching her soul. She is reverent and serious, contemplating the power of the messages.

Again I feel so fortunate to have stumbled upon this preschool where Ava learns about compassion, courage, cultural celebrations and so much more that I can’t even put into words. Some things we just have to feel.


3 Responses to Happy Halloween!

  1. Myrna says:

    Dear Nathan, Diana & Ava,

    WOW, that sounds like an awesome school. What a great way to celebrate!!!! Much better than getting a belly ache from all the candy!!!!! Ava, what can I say, she is just too cute in her little lady bug outfit and I just have to smile when I see the pictures and that beautiful smile!!!!!!

    Can’t wait to come at Christmas!!!! Don’t forget, I’ll be your designated babysitter while I’m there. Any time, any place!!!

    Love you,

  2. Courtney says:

    Yea!!! Ava’s first BIG Halloween!!! And celebrated like a true Boulderite … In Atlanta I spent the night reading sexual harassment cases and Ed did whatever physics students do … I think you guys had much more fun.
    I must admit I did not know there were so many cultural takes on the holiday, I am glad to hear it! We should celebrate as many things as we can as much as we can!!! Glad you are teaching Ava about different cultures and how similar and differnt they all are. I hope if I have kids I can do that for them as well.
    Oh, one more thing, did you (Diana) and Nathan dress up … I did not see any pictures of you two … Just wondering …

  3. J says:

    Hi. I’m a stranger that’s lurked on your blog a little bit over the last month. I’m just delurking b/c it drives me nuts when people do this to me. Your Ava is lovely & I enjoy your blog. I live not too far from Boulder, and will be moving even closer early next year. We’re expecting our referral any day now (a waiting child). Maybe our daughters will bring us together & we’ll meet one of these days!

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