Words I will never say again. . .

“My husband can barely hang a shelf.”

“I just wish Nathan could build us a deck.”

“I didn’t exactly marry a handyman.”

Why will I never again complain that I use the power tools more than my husband? Because he recently did the greatest thing ever. He put all 3000 of my pictures of Ava in one place. Not only that, he dedicated one whole computer to my/our pictures and I can access it over our home network (home network? that seems a little nerdy to me, but hey, whatever it takes to manage my precious pictures).  And, he downloaded Adobe Photoshop Album Starter for me to organize all these pictures. Before now, our pictures were in 5 or 6 different places and every time I wanted one, I had to search for it on different computers and CDs. I also rarely deleted the pictures from the camera because I wasn’t sure they would be backed up. You can imagine how long it took my computer to retrieve 200+ pictures every time I wanted to upload them (a long time if you’re having a hard time imagining). I love my husband- he’s so gifted!

(I’ve never bothered to learn much about computers because he does it all for me- sometimes that’s to my disadvantage because I can’t/won’t do these things for myself.)

On a more emotional level, these pictures are so important because I keep thinking about how Ava won’t know much about the first two years of her life. I want her to see and know everything she possibly can from the time we met her. That is the only recorded past she’ll have. I don’t have many pictures of myself as a child, but I have my biological family who can tell me all about it and what I was like. Again, Ava has virtually nothing for the first 23 months, but she’ll never have to wonder about  her life after 2. Thanks to Daddy, all those memories will be neatly categorized and  labeled 🙂


One Response to Words I will never say again. . .

  1. Beverly says:

    That is very neat. I have mine backed up in several locations too. Cute Ladybug Ava.

    Of course you are a bit OCD in the picture realm too.


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